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08-30-2005, 04:18 PM
hi, im quite new to all this and im basically teaching myself, so im a bit of a beginner, but im a fast learner!

i am designing the website for my company to save costs (wish i hadnt offered now!)

its is a property company and clients need to be able to search through our available properties online. i have been searching online for some kind or help or examples i could use but im having alot of trouble because i dont even know what to look for!

would somebody please be kind enough to help me.

criterias for the search would be number of bedrooms, location, furished, and council housing.

i dont know how hard this is to do, im not particularly looking for somebody to do it for me because i cant afford it but if anybody knows the basic code or whatever for me to change or a tutorial site that would be fantastic!



edit: ive now been informed that its a cms software that i need but im still pretty confused which one i would need to display a property database. still need help pls! x

08-30-2005, 06:24 PM
To search for stuff, stuff must be located somewhere.
Database, files, etc.
Database is the usual.

I have a real estate property site I inherited. Properties are in the database. Searches search the database. Hand-coded searches using forms. Pretty standard stuff.

I inherited Cold Fusion (and dude, the last person who coded it needs a boot to the head...but I digress). Could be done with anything, i.e. PHP/MySQL. I actually plan on porting the CF/Access crap to PHP/MySQL someday...or at least get it into a decent DBMS like SQL Server or something.

I don't think CMS is at all what you're looking for here, personally, but YMMV.
And I can't think of a tutorial site that would have enough code for you to modify for this. It's too much a custom thing.