View Full Version : Opinions sought

08-28-2005, 12:49 PM
Hi everybody,

i am looking for the following nuts and bolts to build a new website:
(i have win2000 server and mysql and php)

a good banner rotator

refer a friend form

logo maker (i only need to make one logo)

navbar maker (for adding a branded search facility to the browers chrome)


so far after conducting many (neck aching) in to the night searches i have found the following all from one site - interspire.com

trackpilot - comprehensive hit counter

send studio - newsletter facility

site center - diy website builder through a browser (although i am realy looking for something that enables people to pick and choose products to put on their site that only i sell - like a white label co brand service)

i am happy with the above products i just wanted some feedback before i buy them. i figured having support from the makers may be better than going for free stuff.