View Full Version : Help with CSS positioning that displays well in Netscape 4

08-23-2005, 08:16 PM
Hello, I am trying to redo a webpage for my company. We have several visitors using oldc computers likely to be running NS4.

My testing page is here: http://www.motion-labs.com/demo/

I have an image logo I want in the upper left corner

I have some contact details as text in the upper right corner

I have a bar displayed as a div with a background image and a line of text links and image dividers. I want this line to go across the page.

| |
| | phone #
|_____| fax #

Menu with links and images

This would be easy as pie to do in tables… but I am trying CSS. The problem is I want to work in NS4 so Clear:left gets a bit funny. The exact problem is if I don’t clear, the menu overlaps the floated logo if I Clear then the menu bar 2x as thick as it needs to be.

1st question is how should I do this?
Should the whole set of 3 be in one main div?
Should the image and the contact detail be in one div?
Or can they all be separate?

2nd question
Alternatives to the clear?

I can make the menu bar position according to the top margin, but if the text in the contact details is made larger it will run over the menu. Any other ideas?

Any help?


08-23-2005, 08:23 PM

phone #
fax #

Menu with links and images blah blah buttonish blah