View Full Version : Iframes and expanding banner ads

08-18-2005, 10:46 PM
I dont think this can be done but I thought I'd ask the experts. I have designed a flash banner ad for a client. It is one of the ones that streams video and when you hover over the video it extends downward. I used a transparent background on the flash so it appears to only be 90 pixels high when in fact it is 180 (to allow room for the extended video).

The client uses iframes to insert their banner ads. The iframe height is 90. Is there anyway on my end to allow the entire ad to be viewed? Obviously right now when you hover over the video it extends downward but the iframe cuts off the bottom 90 pixels.

I have attached some JS files that klipmart uses and it has references to iframes but I dont know enough about javascript to interpret what it means (its a pretty complicated piece if js)

Is there a way to get this working?