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08-18-2005, 05:17 PM
Hello. I am the beginner at JS so my problem could seem a bit funny to you.
I have made a menu right here and need it to customize a bit more. I need to apply some CSS style to the Menu 1, Menu2 and Menu 3 buttons when they are clicked. For example if i rollover witth the mouse on Menu 1, it should highlight (some CSS style is applied) and if i press it a submeniu appears and the applied highlight should remain on Menu 1. The same for menu2 and Menu 3. (I hope you understand what i mean.)
You could see the style sheet if you need here

Thank you in advance.

08-18-2005, 05:23 PM
Could you show us some code/css? It'll help us understand what you want to do.

You could use the :hover but that doesn't work in IE (only for anchors) or you could chage it by document.getElementById("Menu1").style.


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