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08-18-2005, 01:47 AM
alright, all I want to do is have an image be my screensaver, but ever ss making program i donwload adds stupid transitiopn effects to it, or gives me errors when I try to save the file.

does anyone know of a program where I can just set an image as my sreensaver?! (im using this mainly for security purposes, i dont want people touching my computer lol). Keep in mind Im using dual monitors (if that makes a difference)


08-18-2005, 08:41 AM
ok, well I figured out the display part of my screen saver problems.

heres a new problem. I password protected my screensaver so people cant go pokin around on my computer. the problem is, the desktop icon (are corisponding hotkey) launches the SS, but when I resume....windows doesnt ask me for a pass.

any ideas?

08-18-2005, 06:11 PM
If you are using Windows XP, the easiest way to deal with this is to use the built in My Pictures Slideshow feature. Right click the desktop>properties>screensaver tab. Then change the type of screensaver to My Pictures Slideshow. If you click the settings tab you can disable slide transitions and specify the folder to pull picture(s) from.

So back to your second question: the whole passwording thing. Lets see if I understand you correctly: When you just leave the computer alone, and the SS comes on automaticly, then the password feature is enabled, but when you just double click the icon to start the SS, the password feature doesn't work? Just set your SS start time to way lower if you are that worried. The password part of the SS might be a windows SS property, so if you just double click the icon the password will not be engaged.

Hope this helps!