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08-16-2005, 11:00 PM
The parent page sets the row size of TaskFrame to 0. Based on the below resize function, when the child page loads, it gets row of the existing page and resizes based on that number and so when the page loads for first time the row size is 0, the size given in the parent page, and I need the row size to start at 15.
The resizeFrame function in child page should say, if row of parent page is 0, then set row size of child page to 15, else, resize frame based on users changes.
Is this possible to do????

window.parent.document.all.TaskFrame.rows = '0%,*';

function resizeFrame(){
//If parent row size is 0, set child row size to 15
if (document.getElementById('TaskFrame').rows == '0%,*'){//I don't know if this is the right way of getting the parent row size????
alert("task frame 0");//This alert does not show???
window.parent.document.getElementById('TaskFrame').setAttribute("rows",15+",*");} //This line doesn't change row size to 15

else{//resize frame
var w = (document.body.clientWidth)?document.body.clientWidth:(window.innerWidth)?window.innerWidth:0;
if (w==0) {return;}
<script language=javascript>