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08-16-2005, 07:57 PM
I'm making a personal homepage to outline my qualifications, past projects/jobs, resume, ect.. and i'm adding a small "free script" area to it.
a) to prove I can actually do what i say i can do.
and b) to get some traffic to my site so people can see what i can do and want to hire me.

My question is:
what scripts should i post?
what do you think would be applicable to post?
what would you like to see get done?
how many scripts should i make/post?

I only have a few small projects right now. a download engine, search engine, and some image manipulation. but those are more like projects than scripts.

some scripts I already have to post:

an image 'fader'/scroller

Easy Upload script

and a RTE editor (beta 2.0)

SO, any ideas or suggestions would be great!

Tristan Gray
08-16-2005, 08:14 PM
If you want to attract business then gear your scripts towards just that. Offer secure business-oriented things like anti-spam e-mail scripts and forms, secure limited upload scripts, potentially greeting card scripts (professional ones), survey forms, image gallery, lots of interactive stuff for internal communications, news updater script so they can update their own site etc.

Then on the other side of the coin if you want traffic in general you will probably want to offer something to the developer community that makes you stand out. That means you must develop more general and free license stuff for other developers to use that go beyond what is already freely available (which is tough). That way if potential employers see that other developers are coming to you as an authority and source they will think more highly of you. This also helps your daily traffic a lot as you probably won't have 800 potential clients browsing the site a day.

Add information about yourself but keep your content away from discussions of the theoretical side of standards compliance etc. That scares away businessmen a lot. Have content related to those topics but only in so far as it relates to business. Why a certain degree of accessibility makes sense business-wise etc but don't go into a rant about the evils of non-standards compliant this and that.

Show that you are an artful designer but in a sleek and respectable way. I remember seeing all these home web-design companies die off years ago because people just didn't get that businesses don't usually want crazy lens flare'd out Photoshop graphics. They want stylish, sleek, but tasteful graphics that are clean cut. So make the layout match that concept.

All of this needs to come together to make your image as a developer look different and above the others that come up in google. If you can 'brand' yourself well then companies will get that message and it conveys that you will be able to do the same for them. You need to look respected in the community but also above the average community rabble in that you understand business and have an eye for sleek design that sets you apart from the other geeks. Everything needs to show confidence and not in a showy way but a very matter of fact way that tells businesses that it will be a pleasant experience working with you.

Just my two cents,