View Full Version : Realistic Implications of Click Logging (for stats script)

08-12-2005, 12:24 PM
Ok, I am currently (or will be starting work on soon), a suite of PHP scripts for various functions. There will be a main core set, which will have multi purpose functions, and then extended classes or just other classes (not sure yet), that will provide additional functionality. The overall idea is that you can set up the script using only the modules that you want to use... The others dont have to be used at all.

Anyway, I want to write some kind of stats module that can be added on. It would need to log standard information such as the page request, the time it was clicked, the IP address of the user... that kinda thing, which would be interpreted on the administration page and displayed as dynamic graphs generated through the GD library.

All the data would be stored in a MySQL database. I know that updating in MySQL is slower than inserting or deleting, so Im thinking each click should be inserted into a new database row, rather than updating where the IP address is the same, but I'd like your opinions on the best way to do this.

Using a flat file is out of the question.

So, my main question is, what do you think, realisitcally, the additional strain on the server would be (and on page load times too), for this kind of integration... Im talking a big site here, recieving many clicks? From my perspective it doesn't seem to be a problem, I dont think it would really slow much down and providing the data from the clicks table was dumped on a regular bases at least once a month, then it should stop the database size being too large...

Your views... :)