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08-11-2005, 11:52 PM

This is either a really easy question, or it just can't be done. I've tried it before, and could have sworn I've worked it out, but I can't do it again.

I have a table with cells as below:

What I want is Cell #2 to be Fixed and Cell #5 to be fixed in height. When Cell #3 expands, I only want Cell #4 to expand with it. So when #3 is 300px and #2 and #5 are 100px, then #4 should be 100px. But when if #3 expands to 400 px, then #2 and #5 should stay at 200px and #4 should expand to 200px. But this is not the case, atleast in IE.
In Firefox, #2 and #5 stay how they are supposed to and #4 expands (yay!), but in IE, all three go haywire. I can't even find any consistancy in how IE determines which cell to expand and how much.

I've created a test HTML file to see if I can get it working, and I still cannot. I have it available if anyone would like to see it and fiddle around with it.

HTML Link (viewable):
Table Test (http://www.rg3entertainment.com/misc/table_test.html)
Zip File (includes html and ruler.gif Background):
Table Test Zip (http://www.rg3entertainment.com/misc/table_test.zip)

As you can see, I have #2's height set to 100px and #5's height set to 50px. #4 has no height set. #3's is 300px. What I want is #4's then to be 150px (300 - 100 - 50 = 150). However, the case as it may be is that it just does not work out this way. How can I accomplish this. It must be possible.

Note that the HTML contains CSS to determine the dimensions, but I have also tried it directly into the TD tags. I've also tried defining height directly in the TR and through a TR style as well as a ton of combinations of CSS postiioning and heights and floats and all kinds of stuff. I feel like I've tried everything. :confused: :(

Any help appreciated.
Thanks agin,