View Full Version : Google Adsense Innerworking

08-10-2005, 12:02 AM
I am thinking of using Adsense for my site. But first, I have a question. I saw the javascript code, the one with showads.js. I saw that google adds a bunch of stuff used as parameters inputed into their javascript showads.js. For examples, google_ad_client, google_ad_height, google_ad_type, etc.

Why do they do that? Why can't they just store these thing into their database? Like the google_ad_client, why can't they just use the website url to find out which client they are? It's not like google can save time from database retrieval just because of these few data, they have to do at least some server retrieval to get those ads and tracking.

There should be a reason, I know that google engineers are not stupid.

Many thanks.