View Full Version : Vinyl to CD help please

08-07-2005, 02:48 PM
I have a collection of music on both vinyl & cassettes that I wish to put onto CD so that I can play them in the car.

Can you please tell me if this is possible using Windows Media Player.
If so how do go about doing it? Is any other software needed?

How do I upload the tracks to my computer? I have a music system with turntable attached.

All help is much appreciated

08-07-2005, 07:23 PM
Hi, with regards to Vinyl you'll need to record your records (using a good turntable) to your pc. To do this right you'll need a decent soundcard and a decent software product like Soundforge. You simply take a line out of your amp and put it into your pc's soundcard (line in) mini-jack. The software has an interface similar to a tapedeck with record, play, stop buttons. If you want to record the tracks so you can skip through them like a normal CD you'll have to record them individualy and arange them on the disc using software such as Nero to burn the CD (They'll record in the WAV format). It can be a bit of a pain recording vinyl into your machine if you dont have a good set up as the results can be disapointing, also beware that unless you turn off the internal pc sounds you can also end up with computer alerts etc on the recording. Same goes for cassettes.

here's a free audio recorder http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

and another http://www.download.com/Arial-Sound-Recorder/3000-2140_4-10423738.html?tag=lst-0-10

here's some more details, this guys kinda ott on the process but it should help explain things in more detail. http://www.gmayor.com/copy_vinyl_to_CDR.htm

all in all, its not a tricky thing to do. Hope this helps!