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09-20-2002, 06:30 PM
I've heard that there's a way to copy your entire hard drive so if your system ever got corrupted beyond repair, physically or otherwise, just replace the hard drive and simply copy your "hard drive copy" to the new hard drive.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

09-20-2002, 07:05 PM
I would guess it would work something like this (in Windos)
1) Create a boot disk, you'll need this when your HD crashed.
2) Add a 2nd HD to your box.
3) Boot from the boot disk and type copy c:\*.8 d:\*.* and let it run.
4) Remove 2nd HD

When your disk crashes:
1) Replace HD
2) Add 2nd HD (backup)
3) Boot from boot disk
4) Run copy d:\*.* c:\*.*

But that's just a guess. Plus, you'd have to create a backup at regular intervals to have a current backup.

09-23-2002, 12:09 PM
There's several tools that will accomplish Your task - search for them, some are even freeware.
Now, for NT box:
1. Add second HDD (large enough).
2. Establish a mirror set With Your original HDD.
3. Break the mirror
4. Remove the second HDD

Now You have a bootable, fully functional copy of Your original HDD.


09-23-2002, 06:54 PM
The best way is to create an image of the disk/partition.

There are many products that do this, including Symantec Ghost and PowerQuest Drive Image.

Thats the best way to ensure an exact copy. even doing something like xxcopy C:\*.* D:\*.* won't ensure that the 2nd hard drive is bootable.

06-21-2010, 05:12 PM
As stated my friend, don't just copy or xcopy the contents of the drive. I have been doing this for years and staved off re-install of my OS for many many years. What I do is this. I use Norton GHOST for my work. First off I install and setup windows and put it exactly how I want it. Then I install all my programs and put everything the way I want it to be. When that's done, you don't have to have a second hard drive, I just equally partition my hard drive. In other words if I have one partition that is 200GB I make another one at 210GB, not equal but it can't be equal has to be a little more. Give room for things.

Then I boot up with a, not windows but dos boot disk, has to be dos to boot into Norton Ghost unless your using the latest version of Ghost, it comes with it's own boot.

And I make an image copy, IMAGE copy, that way a Virus cannot infect the files. You make this image copy of partition one and compress the image.

Now once in awhile I make a backup of my documents and other things to a backup folder on partition two, since it's an image no virus can infect it unless it's that kind of virus, hard to find those are. And spyware is never going to infect the image, so no worries there.

When I have problems I make a secondary backup of my documents and special files to another directory on that drive and reboot, and then I just copy my image overtop of that partition. Ghost erases everything and puts the original image back on. No worries. Then when I get in I check my current special backup with a special virus scanner and then copy back. Takes an hour instead of 4 or 5 to re-install everything.

I do this constantly, and I also do it for linux drives that I have.

06-22-2010, 01:48 AM
You thread digging freak. This thread is 8 years old. :eek:

06-22-2010, 03:09 PM
Ooops, I was not, I didn't even notice. I was searching for unreads and that poped up. OOOOPS ha ha

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Your lucky Spookster didn't ban you on sight for that one.

07-01-2010, 12:25 PM
There are lots of tools that can do most of that automatically. I mean, the partition with Partition Magic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PartitionMagic) and the rest with a backup tool....

07-01-2010, 07:59 PM
Since the discussion is kinda reopened... Quick question (since I'm not really familiar with windows anymore)

would a linux cp -R "base windows folder" "backuplocation" copy everything needed for windows? I know windows does some... weird stuff.. Has anyone tried this?

07-01-2010, 10:52 PM
Ha ha ha, kind of, sorry spook ha ha ha. Don't ban me, please don't :)

Not tried it but maybe yes maybe no, let me explain. As far as windows folder and basic files yes, it will no problem. Since linux has no problem at all copying ALL files and folders it finds from a window partition or any partition as long as they are not locked. But what you will not get is the booting from C:. So if what your copying is your windows folder, or your documents and setting folder then yes. But if you want a full drive copy of C: then no, better do a sector by sector partition or image.

I do the documents and setting folder constantly through a linux live CD. When I go to crash my PC I just boot up that way and copy all my personal folder, JOEL, to a backup partition using a Linux live CD. So it has no problem doing that.

Now years ago before I started using Ghost, I remember there being a command on linux like DI, DL, BI or something like that, I would have to research it again. But I know that command makes an image of somesort or does a direct sector by sector copy of files. But I just can't remember the exact command.

But yes what your talking about doing would work. I would just use an addition to it to make sure it copies even hidden files and the such, I forget what that is in CP though.

07-02-2010, 03:06 AM
That's what I figured, I've used a Linux live usb multiple times to boot into friends messed up computers so they could save their files, They were amazed that I could access their files, when windows couldn't boot rofl.

A windows cd fixmbr command might be able to deal with the boot issue though

07-02-2010, 02:40 PM
Correct, you are working yourself in the right direction. Yes some of the times fixmbr will work, but what you have to remember is this, fixmbr fixed the MASTER BOOT RECORD, sometimes this is not it. That is why they made fixboot, to fix the partitions boot sector, which windows uses unfortunately, well not really unfortunately, this allows for some pretty cool boot manager functions.

But yes, this is how I fix things normally. If this don't work then all your stuck with is re-doing it. Now a quick fix would be to make a copy of fixboot and fixmbr from the recovery of XP cd and then make a boot USB for XP. That's all it does and have chkdsk on it. There is a cd called Ultimate Boot CD that I have used many times as well to fix many problems. I have a copy of this here at home. But making a custom solution USB image would also work. You can download a pre-made windows XP boot USB somewhere online, I use to have it but don't know anymore, I'd have to look.

But linux is the bomb ultimately for doing this. For me it's great, I have UBU 10 as a second hardrive, I know what do I need a second drive for when I got a 500GB one right ha ha. But this is so that UBU never gets junked by windows. At any rate, so I can just boot up there and copy things over real quick.

It helped me out this week when windows had some junked up files and even in safe mode wouldn't let me run chkdsk, so I booted UBU and ran ntchkdsk there and it fixed my files all botched up, no re-install.