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07-19-2005, 09:40 PM
could i get a review of appearance, functionality, and compatability?


07-19-2005, 10:26 PM
Hi there. Firefox over here.

First impressions (homepage) - okay. Nothing spectacular design wise but it's a neat enough page and is perfectly functional. I think the text for the top links is too big in comparison to the actual red background, making them look a bit cramped up. The yellow mouseover colour doesn't complement the site very well.

The logo is pretty well done, even if it's a bit.. generic.

Overall, for a computer programmer and technician this seems appropriate, however if I was looking for a designer I'd expect more flair.

On entering I'm immediately put off by your font choice. You've used sans-serif fonts so far, so the use of serif for your content looks like a stylesheet mistake more than anything else. Also, the use of a larger character at the start of each paragraph is ugly because it throws out your line spacing.

Regarding the actual text, I don't know about this third person malarky. It just sounds... ungenuine. Everyone knows that the site is made by Gregory and that's Gregory speaking (even if it actually isn't, they will think it is).

In the portfolio, I'd like to see more content and I'd like to see it better laid out. The red block mouseover idea is nice but is covered up by the larger images and there is no uniformity of size or alignment. Or rather there is (in the sense it's aligned in rows) but it's thrown out by the different sizes. If these images were in same sized boxes it would be better.. either that or you need to go to another extreme and forget laying them out so rigidly (remember, flair...).

I'm also strongly against those images opening in a new full window. As a firefox user I really dislike it when things start popping up outside of my beloved tabs! I'm sure I'm not alone here. A pop up window is preferable (still outside the tabs, but doesn't take you away from the window you are in, if you see what I mean).

A couple more things - your link to the blog seems irrelevant, and does nothing for the site since I have no idea in what way the two are related. If you must link to the blog, don't make it so obvious. Finally, I would include a HTML resume since downloading one is just annoying.

07-20-2005, 10:33 AM
has it improved a bit...

i altered the menu a little... i didn't realize i'd defined some things with em rather than px

changed mouseover color... still not satisfied

changed body font... the failed magazine styling had to go, but this isn't right either... i might redo the text as a gif to add... flair

gallery page looks better now...

still needed:

1. total reno of portfolio page... the ordering isn't obvious (the centers of the photos are in straight lines horizontally and vertically)... needs drastically updated content... will try

| pic | desc |
| | desc |
_________ desc |
desc desc desc |

for layout

2. redo contact page as a form

3. retheme blog to be a part of page

the blog is currently a testbed for writing wordpress plugins

07-20-2005, 02:47 PM
Hmm, the links are now not centered vertically, and they look the same size... Mouseover colour is better.

The text looks worse IMO, it's too big a font (it looks too big for me and I have a bigger than average resolution) and the tabbing at the start of the paragraph is bad. It needs justifying at least.

I just noticed it says 10 years of experience with web design. I think the site could do with a massive overhaul for that statement to sound genuine.

07-20-2005, 09:34 PM
Think it's small enough?!