View Full Version : problems with XMLHttpRequest in IE

Jul 19th, 2005, 04:37 AM
There's a problem I cannot post code now cause it's at work.
So then... I need to make two types of request from a page. If I use them in separate methods, creating objects using different variables, everything's ok.

The architecture is like that

//callback function for the first request
function proccessReqCHange()
//do stuff

function loadVendorXML()
//set different callback for event and call second request.

If I put request in the dsame variable, after the first call of the first one, callback for the first request is called 3 times, 2nd callback doesn't work a single time, and then everything completel stops working.

If i try to refactor code to create object(s) once and then make multiple requests thru them as I go, only the first request is working correctly, the further ones don't cause eny event to fire.

What kind of behaviour is that?