View Full Version : custom RSS feeds (for sites without it)

07-13-2005, 03:59 AM
Not sure where to post this, so please move this thread if this is incorrect category.


There are a few web sites (automotive oriented actually) that offer news via frontpage and via forum systems (vbulletin/invision/phpbb/etc).

However these sites do not have an RSS feed (yet most likely) and the ones that do have an option for such thing in their forum systems or cms, have it turned off. I tried e-mailing them and asking them to consider this feature, yet got no response.


Now I understand that there ways to make a custom made RSS feed from the site by specifying which items should be taken out of the code (index.php most likely) and parsed as RSS. Basically is it possible to make RSS feeds for the sites that don't have this feature.?


I tried googling and asking around on IRC but never actually found a solid way or service that would get this done.

I don't see why the site owners would have anything against such service since it would save them bandwith since getting news from RSS feed is less bandwith stressfull compare to actually loading a full blown page. So in my logic it would be acceptable to make my own feed just for the content that I need.

If anyone has information/links/advice/comments on this, please post. Thank you for the time you took to read this.