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07-11-2005, 05:09 AM


Please direct all replies to the above link. This will centralize the effort. (Not to take away from this forum, but it would be a bit too off-topic for a general PHP forum...)


Intro: This page has some basic discussion (http://www.dvdhelp.us/cardgame/html/discussion1.html) with some of my own concepts/ideas... some are for the core project, and others are for future plugins.


The Project Name... giraFFe (with the capital F's as a nod to the FF game, which was the initial inspiration)

The Project Director... Jake Russell (http://www.dvdhelp.us/aboutus.html)

The Project Plan... To create a PHP script which:

1. Provides a card game engine suitable for several card games, in this case for a turn-based FF-esque card game. Collect cards, build a deck, play against other players, play for fun or "for keeps".

2. FOR LATER PLUG-IN: Provides a turn-based RPG. Characters gain experience by playing the card game, posting in the forum, performing in-game tasks, and other means (including random events that can provide experience, game money, special cards, etc.)

3. Allows for two player card games or various CPU opponents.

4. FOR LATER PLUG-IN: Allows for trading/buying/selling of cards (ie - bridge with various cash/store mods available for the major forums)

5. Allows for complete collection of 1000 cards to be traded for actual cash (optional feature that I intend to use on my own sites)

6. Seamlessly ties in with phpBB (and possibly IBF, VB, etc.) for the user info (or can be a standalone, though the first option is easier)

In short, it is going to be a combination of RPG to level up a character (affects various things, such as how much of a bonus they get with certain cards or how lucky they are at getting good cards in the first place to add to their collection, etc.)

This will be a huge project, and frankly, it's way beyong my ability to create on my own, so I've decided to open-source the project (some variation of GPL or whatever) instead of selling the final project.

The only thing that will not be truly "open source" are my actual algorithms, as these will be entirely my own creations. They'll still be free for the wwebmasters to use within the script, but I want to retain the rights to the actual "rules" for my own games. (I have several creations, some of which do resemble other games, but many are completely new and fresh, built from the ground up. My own "inventions", so to speak...)

What this IS going to be...
--A complete card game engine, also able to be customized through plug-ins.
--100% customizable. Everything, right down to custom table prefixes, will be available to the webmaster via web-based interface (ACP, etc.) I hate scripts that don't let you change things without having to directly modify the code. This way, changes can be made without risk of corrupting good code.
--Able to accept "plug and play" plugins (alternate card games, etc.)
--Standalone or able to bridge user info from major forum software
--Easy to install. A complete installation script will be included with the final release, and it will handle everything, from creating the MySQL tables to providing relevant troubleshooting tips in the event of an error.
--Able to offer faster play by allowing the user to indicate where on his system he keeps his card graphics. (The cards will also be recorded online, of course, but if the players chooses to download their collection to C:\mycardgraphics\, they'll be able to play considerably faster with essentially no load time during play. This is not entirely unlike how online casinos have you download the games, and then play them online, though in this case, only the graphics for the cards will be available for download, and then they'll be pieced together on the fly as needed.
--100% FREE for all webmasters to use on their sites.

What this is NOT going to be...
--Just another forum-based RPG with lame graphics.
--Just another card game with lame graphics and no particular point.
--An asset management RPG (ie - a "sim", like ProjectRockstar.com)
--A complete character development engine, able to be customized via ACP (This will be a separate plugin)


Once the project gets off the ground, I'll provide a full-on support and discussion website for it, complete with all the goodies you could expect for a team project such as this.

This project will not only provide an incredible gaming engine for the webmaster community (something that is not available at present without purchasing a very expensive commercial script), but it will also help to redefine the boundaries of PHP. Most people think that all PHP is good for is bland, boring projects or basic management of items, such as messages in a forum, etc. This will demonstrate to everyone that PHP can not only hold its own with the best of them, but can produce the next must-have website script that pretty much every "fun" website will be using within a year of its release.

All we need now are some code-happy PHP gurus. Anybody around here know where I could find some of those? ;)



Please direct all replies to the above link. This will centralize the effort.