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07-09-2005, 01:47 AM
If you want to look at the issue right away, skip all the way down to GOAL:, the text below is just to give more information


SITE : http://www.catchmyDR1FT.com
Alt. URL : http://www.catchmyDR1FT.com

catchmyDR1FT.com. top right corner under the searchbox/date module and above the text ". 2.0 // codename :: champloo // re-launched 06.01.05" there is a BLACK horizontal line that's not supposed to be there.


Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4
IE 6.0
IE7 (CSS optimized)
Opera 8.0.2 beta
Konqueror (latest version)


At first I thought this was simply a line on the bottom of the header_bg.gif file which is used for the background of that area. Yet after close examination using zoom feature and replacing it with header_right_corner.gif ( file used on the very right side, next to header_bg.gif which doesn't have the black line on the bottom issue) I started looking elsewhere

My 2nd guess was a border "?" setting, yet after thorough search with notepad I found that all the border settings that could affect that area are set to "0"

My 3rd guess was that it's a the thickness of a table which contains that portion of the web site, yet after analyzing it with dreamweaver, I fail to see it being shown, in fact it is transparent.

My 4th guess was that this is a CSS issue and someone on #css irc channel suggested that this is a "image wrap" issue. I'm an amateur to CSS, so before messing up my code I decided to post here. By the way this is what the result for "wrap" on my template_css.css file gave ( just for info):

ul#mainlevel-nav li
white-space: nowrap;

.contentheading {
white-space: nowrap;


If needed I will attach the following files for further analysis:

header_bg.gif (image used for background area of the problem)
index.php (front page's php file)
template_css.css (css file for the main page)


catchmyDR1FT.com has a black line in the rop right corner under the date module that needs to be removed.



07-09-2005, 02:25 AM
It appears to be this image templates/simplicity_grey/images/header_bg.gif starting to repeat. A quick fix would be to add this to your CSS

td {
Though I don't know how many td cells that you actually need the background to repeat in both the x and y direction, so find the td cells that use that background image and give them a class and use the CSS I provided.

07-09-2005, 04:26 AM
that worked. quick fix indeed. thanks for your help