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07-07-2005, 12:50 PM
However, I'm not sure how to install it.

I know I need Aspell, and I downloaded GNU Aspell 0.60.3. The PHP manual says I need to copy aspell-15.dll from the bin folder to my Win32 system folder, however it is a problem when I can't find the bin folder. I can't even find the dll.

So, I first need help with that. Now, I know I have to download a dictionary, and I did: aspell6-en-6.0-0.tar.bz2. However, I do not know where to put this. So there's another problem. Then I read up on how to install.

For additional `configure' options type `./configure --help'. and I stopped there. Now, I'm sure this means I need to use a Command Prompt to install this, but I'm not sure. I never was very good at that kind of stuff. So I need to know where I can find my command prompt on my computer, and how I would actually install Aspell.

Now comes the fun part. How would I create a connection between Aspell and PHP? I am going to put the Aspell files in c:/aspell/, if I can. If it must go in the PHP directory, then I can put it there. My PHP directory is in c:/php/.

Now that I have explained what I have done so far, kind some of you be as kind as to tell me how I would go about solving these problems I am having? I would be very grateful.

Oh, and I am using Windows XP Pro, Apache 2, PHP5.

Thank you.

07-07-2005, 06:08 PM
These boards wern't as fast a year ago. Bump...