View Full Version : images resizing inside <div> tag (Safari problem)

07-06-2005, 06:18 PM
I'm using a pretty basic thumbnail gallery using a <div> tag and java. The problem occurs only in Safari, which is mistifying (not in Firefox or IE 5.2). The problem is this: I click on a thumbnail that leads to a vertical image. Loads fine. Then I click on a thumbnail that leads to a horizontal image. Loads fine. Then I click back on the vertical image thumbnail and the vertical image stretches to fit the proportions of the horizontal image. Here's how it looks in Safari:



<div id="image">
<img name="bigimage">

<a href="#null";document.bigimage.src='images/kkc1.gif'"><img src="images/thumb1.gif"</a>
<a href="#null" ;document.bigimage.src='images/kkc2.gif'"><img src="images/thumb1.gif"></a>
<a href="#null" ;document.bigimage.src='images/kkc3.gif'"><img src="images/thumb1.gif"</a>


I've tried specifying 100% width and height in the <div> tag, but Safari doesn't like that. Any suggestions? Thanks,