View Full Version : GET_variable and javascript

07-04-2005, 09:40 PM
I'm working with a while-loop that generates links
The while-loop generates this:

echo "<a href=\"javascript:PopupPic('".$bestandsnaam."')\">"
echo "<img src='".$bestandsnaam."' border='0' height='60'></a>"

I would like to set a GET_variable, the variable is an id ,
but the id is generated together with the links in a while loop.
Because each link has a unique id I would like the unique id to be appended somewhere in it's appropriate link.

when the link is clicked a piece of javascript code is executed:

<script language="Javascript"> function PopupPic(sPicURL) { window.open( "../../lib/php/popup.inc.php?"+sPicURL, "", "resizable=1,HEIGHT=200,WIDTH=200"); } </script>

I don't want the id appended in this piece of code:
When the id is appended in this code, the value of the id is the last value that came out the while-loop and that's not what I need.

Any clue?