View Full Version : [Resolved] Disabling Buttons in Flash?

07-01-2005, 02:34 PM
In my swf file, I have several buttons. With one, a transparent box comes up with some info and has a back button, but you can still access the buttons behind it, which I do not want. I want to be able to disable the buttons behind the transparent box when the transparent box is up but not the back button that is on the transparent box...if thats confusing enough. :rolleyes:

Anyone have any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, Im using Flash MX Professional

*** UPDATE: Nevermind! Found a work-around! :thumbsup:

07-01-2005, 04:42 PM
What was the solution? Other people might have similar problems.

07-01-2005, 05:36 PM
ah good point!

Here's what I did:

OK, say the transition for the transparent box to come up is in frames 30-40. I created a keyframe at frame 30, in the layer for the buttons that I wanted to disable while the box was up, and removed the actionscript from the buttons. I then created another keyframe at frame 40 and re-added the actionscript. Since at frame 40, the box will have disappeared. This make sense?

It's not a pretty workaround, but it works!

Anyone know of a more elegant solution, let me know! :D