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09-16-2002, 01:00 PM
HI can any one help

I am having Problems trying to get the upgraded version of frommail v1.92 to work on a windows 200 server.

Ihave been told that even though the script was written for unix that it will work for windows 2000 server.

I am having abousolutely no joy I have shnaged the location of the
$mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail-i -t' to
£mailprog = 'C:\winnt\system32\blat.exe' and i get this error message below

-install <server addr> <sender's addr> [<try n times> [<port> [<profile>]]]
: set's SMTP server, sender, number of tries and port for profile
(<try n times> and <port> may be replaced by '-').

<filename> : file with the message body ('-' for console input, end with ^Z)
-t <recipient> : recipient list (comma separated)
-s <subj> : subject line
-f <sender> : overrides the default sender address (must be known to server)
-i <addr> : a 'From:' address, not necessarily known to the SMTP server.
-c <recipient> : carbon copy recipient list (comma separated)
-b <recipient> : blind carbon copy recipient list (comma separated)
-o <organization>: Organization field
-h : displays this help.
-q : supresses *all* output.
-noh : prevent X-Mailer header from showing homepage of blat
-noh2 : prevent X-Mailer header entirely
-p <profile> : send with SMTP server, user and port defined in <profile>.
-server <addr> : Specify SMTP server to be used. (optionally, addr:port)
-port <port> : port to be used on the server, defaults to SMTP (25)
-hostname <hst>: select the hostname used to send the message
-mime : MIME Quoted-Printable Content-Transfer-Encoding.
-uuencode : Send (binary) file UUEncoded
-base64 : Send (binary) file using base64 (binary Mime)
-try <n times> : how many time blat should try to send. from '1' to 'INFINITE'
-attach <file> : attach binary file to message (may be repeated)
-attacht <file>: attach text file to message (may be repeated)

Note that if the '-i' option is used, <sender> is included in 'Reply-to:'
and 'Sender:' fields in the header of the message.
Location: ../rugby-protest/mpletter/reply.asp

Then i changed this line to to
£mailprog = 'C:\winnt\system32\blat.exe' to to
£mailprog = 'C:\winnt\system32\blat.exe -i -t'

I do not get the error message it jumps strait to the redirect page but does not send the email.

I have put the @referrers in correctly according to the readme file that comes with it. and the recipent as it said .

So can any body help???

09-16-2002, 11:52 PM
This is just a guess but it looks as if the mail program can't understand the the input from the form. Do you remember in DOS programs when there was a syntax error in the input they echo'd a syntax info screen, this looks just like that. I would check that the forms data is ok.

The reason your not getting the syntax screen is because one of the switches you've put after the path suppresses error messages, until you get it fixed I would leave them off.

If this is of any use I use this format

$mailprog = "c:\\winnt\\windmail.exe"; (my server uses windmail)

but I'm pretty sure that perl is finding blat.exe otherwise you'de be getting a CGI error report that the mail prog could not be found or similar.

Hope this helps :D