View Full Version : Apache2/PHP5/FedoraCore4 and LDAP querying

06-29-2005, 02:57 PM
I'm stuck and I can't get out! :-)

What I'm asking for is someone who has experiencing querying an Active Directory 2003 via a Linux box with Apache and PHP...

I have the following scenario:

I have a mostly Windows network and our intranet is on a Red Hat box... I recently built a test box with FC4 on it and Apache 2 / PHP 5. The original box has Apache2 and PHP 4.xxx

I have a standard ldap_connect and ldap_bind routine written to at search the Active Directory. On the original box - if I go through a browser to hit the ldap.php script I've written - it won't parse and gives a "Page Cannot Be displayed"... IF I go into the command line and run " php ldap.php " it works and I get the results in the linux shell... Go figure!

Now - on the TEST box that I've built - I can't even get that far.

My basic questions are these:

If I wanted to start from scratch with the test box and re-format and re-load FC4 - what exactly do I need to do to get ldap querying to work with apache/php? Does the box need to be part of the Windows Domain or can it even be?

On the original box: WHY oh WHY can I not get the Ldap script to work through the browser, but I can get it to work from PHP command line?

Any help would be great!