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06-28-2005, 10:18 PM
This question is based around PHP/SQL/JS.
I have all the code labeled and posted on pastebin (the forum will not let me post this much code)
The code is for a customization interface for custom computers
Basically I have some forms (dynamicaly made by a dropdown menu) [upload.html - http://pastebin.ca/16146] that display different options to input into different inputs. The action for that form leaders to a php page that inserts them into a SQL database [uploader.php - http://pastebin.ca/16147]. The DB is seperated into multiple tables (processor, harddrive, gpu etc) and have multiple columns for specs (Name/Brand/Price/Picture *and specs related to each one.. FSB/Socket/RPM etc*).
Right now it all works for just processor, but what I need help doing is making it work for the other choices in my dropdown menu (harddrive, gpu etc).
If any of this requires any more explanation please feel free to contact me (respond in post, email me, aim, etc)
email: msilverman@poweredpc.com
AIM: PoweredPC Matt
Also I am eventually going to make it so on the upload.html page all the specs for each item can be updated (ie: if the price of a certain item changes).
All the code is pasted below. Thank you for the help, any help would be greatly appreciated.
upload.html: http://pastebin.ca/16146
uploader.php: http://pastebin.ca/16147
Also one thing on the uploading images, is there any way to make it so if I do leave it blank it appends "noimg.png" as the url

THANK YOU for all the help, I know this is very long and pretty complicated.