View Full Version : I am brand new to PHP but know some codes. But I need help with the page reading it.

Single Paradox
06-25-2005, 10:53 PM
Ok, I was learning php from a book called "PHP5 in easy steps" by Mike Mcgrath, and so I know some coding and stuff, but whenever I save a file as a php file, it just comes up as whatever I typed, such as I'll save a file as phpinfo.php and the code will be:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

And when I open the browzer, it will come up exactly as I wrote it. Why won't the browzer process it?

Single Paradox
06-25-2005, 11:00 PM
I have tried all that setup jazz with apache, php, and mysql. I made the file php.ini, I added all this stuff. It didn't work so I deleted it and did it three more times with no luck. I have a feeling it is in the programming of getting files to read .php and .phtml but I do not know much about that. I just copyed the book in that part.

In a minute I will rewrite all the stuff I did that the book told me to. In case it helps.

06-25-2005, 11:31 PM
Your trying to do it on your computer? Why not just upload it?

06-25-2005, 11:50 PM
Your browser isn't parsing it because it can't understand the language - I have XAMPP installed - an Apache distro with Apache 2, PHP4, PHP5 (with switcher), mySQL, Webalizer, phpmyadmin...the works - it's great..

You can't, IME, execute your PHP from anywhere on your computer, it has to be, by default, under localhost - i.e. c:\apachefriends\xampp\htdocs on windows..however I'm just giving you that as an example although you don't have xampp installed.

I found a manual install of everything was a bit tricky so I decided to use a distro.