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09-14-2002, 09:53 PM

I recently downloaded dev C++ compiler, but found it to be worthless, as it doesn't compile advanced programs for some reason. It's a beginners compiler, and my friend did not recommend it for me. (even though I am a beginner).

He recommended Borland C/C++ compiler, so I went to go download it. I found C++ builder compiler 5.5 here http://www.borland.com/products/downloads/download_cbuilder.html . I clicked on it, but it wouldn't change pages, so I clicked on downloads at the top. It asked me to register, but said that I needed JavaScript and Cookies for this step to succeed.

I found this odd, for I am sure that I have both javascript and cookies enabled. I'm using Internet Explorer (not sure which version, although I'm sure it's one of the latest). I am pretty sure that I am wrong, so how do I enable javascript and cookies on my browser?


btw: None of the other downloads worked either, so I'm pretty sure the problem is that I must register in order for the downloads to work.

Registration is Required
Borland is pleased to provide the following downloads free of charge for trial and demo purposes. In order to complete all downloads, you will be required to register and provide valid and complete contact information. Downloads will be negated if you choose to opt out of this requirement. In exchange for your free access to these products we will be contacting you in the future to ask a few questions about your experience with the product.

You must have javascript and cookies turned on in your browser for this step to succeed.