View Full Version : PHP+matching items in Mysql

06-21-2005, 01:53 PM
The problem I have is that in PHP I have sent the user on a treasure hunt. I have asked them to go look for 3 separate pieces of treasure.

The 3 pieces of treasure were taken randomly from a MySQL table (all_treasure). And placed in the users personal table. (my_treasure)

The user gets a certain amount of time to find the treasure pieces. If they come back with the treasure pieces, I need to somehow determine if those 3 pieces they brought back are the three that I asked for. How do I do this?

What I will need to do is determine if the 3 pieces in the users table (my_treasure) match the 3 treasure pieces in (all _treasure)...

I am new to PHP, and this is really puzzling me? I would really appreciate any help. I am desperate. Thanks :D :D