View Full Version : Enigma - Does Different Intel CPU Affect Apache/PHP/MySQL Performance?

06-19-2005, 09:29 AM
Dear All,

For those who are running Apache+PHP+MySQL on Windows platform, has anyone experienced any extremely slow response/performance on an Intel LGA775 CPU? Here are my specifications:

Candidate PCs: One Pentium III, One S478 Intel 2.4GHz, and One Intel LGA775 3.0GHz.
Apache Version: Apache 2.0.54
PHP Version: PHP 5.0.4
MySQL Version: MySQL 4.1.12

I have tried on both P3 and P4 2.4, setting up as localhost webserver for my own use, it seems there are no problems for these two PCs to load my scripts in less than 2 seconds, e.g. a page that contains multiple SQL queries.

However, on my new PC with LGA 3.0GHz, even a simple PHP page can take 10-20 seconds to load, depends on the code complexity in that page.

Now I have checked all my PHP.INI and APACHE.CONF files, all are the same. So this really puzzles me, which leads me to think that perhaps one of the packages (Apache/PHP/MySQL) has not been optimized to work best under LGA775?

I would like your thoughts on this, and please share how you solve this problem if you ever experienced one. Thanks.

06-20-2005, 03:06 AM
Problem seems to be solved now.

Bad miss. I simply missed one line in PHP.INI:

output_buffering = Off (Should be Off but I put in some numbers like 4096).