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06-16-2005, 04:03 PM
Hi everybody i am a preity new to PHP, actally i am working on a project and i am stuck up in that let me give you a short intro to my project..
i had to make a project of a business yellow page..i made an admin section where i could add countys then add business in those county;s according to their business type
such as
Lancaster county will have
---- Elctrical
---- Plumbing
---- Services
etc sections
and then we could add business in those countys according to their type. all that is workig fine but i am a lil problem in displaying this information

i have made a MAP of all the countys and when a user clicks on that MAP which is made is flash it should redirect to another page where they will be shown the all the business's in that county and a CSS left side where there will be the section list like the Elctrical, services, etc
i tried doing it on my own but nothing seems to be working properlyu

i tried assigning the MAP buttons names and then searching the database with the name...
anyone who has done a shopping project will fix this in minutes as the concept is the same just the names are different
category is county name
electric and other sections are the sub categories and products are business names...
i will append the database structure so that you can know better

CREATE TABLE `tbl_category` (
`cat_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
`cat_parent_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
`cat_name` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`cat_description` varchar(200) NOT NULL default '',
`cat_image` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
PRIMARY KEY (`cat_id`),
KEY `cat_parent_id` (`cat_parent_id`),
KEY `cat_name` (`cat_name`)

-- Dumping data for table `tbl_category`

INSERT INTO `tbl_category` (`cat_id`, `cat_parent_id`, `cat_name`, `cat_description`, `cat_image`) VALUES (17, 13, 'Hunter X Hunter', 'Story about hunter and combat', '');
INSERT INTO `tbl_category` (`cat_id`, `cat_parent_id`, `cat_name`, `cat_description`, `cat_image`) VALUES (12, 0, 'Cars', 'Expensive and luxurious cars', 'dce08605333d805106217aaab7f93b95.jpg');
INSERT INTO `tbl_category` (`cat_id`, `cat_parent_id`, `cat_name`, `cat_description`, `cat_image`) VALUES (13, 0, 'Manga', 'It''s all about manga, yay....', '2a5d7eb60c1625144b3bd785bf70342c.jpg');
INSERT INTO `tbl_category` (`cat_id`, `cat_parent_id`, `cat_name`, `cat_description`, `cat_image`) VALUES (14, 12, 'Volvo', 'Swedish luxury car', '');
INSERT INTO `tbl_category` (`cat_id`, `cat_parent_id`, `cat_name`, `cat_description`, `cat_image`) VALUES (15, 12, 'Mercedes-Benz', 'Expensive but real good', '');
INSERT INTO `tbl_category` (`cat_id`, `cat_parent_id`, `cat_name`, `cat_description`, `cat_image`) VALUES (16, 13, 'Naruto', 'This is the story of Naruto and all his gang', '');

any help regarding the display of the sub-category and their business on the click of that particular county map button will be appriciated. thanx for the help in advance...