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06-14-2005, 09:30 PM
hi im having a problame with my computer thats running a win2k3 server and i have just brought a 80GB hdd and it only sez 30GB?????? i found out that it might be soimthing to do with the BIOS being out of date so ive been trying to find a BIOS update but no good i dont now what else to do :( .


Green AGP/PCI/ISA/System
BIOS ID Strings: 06/03/98-i440BX-W83977-2A69KA1BC-DV, 2A69KA1B
Model: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG (Elite BIOS), 06/03/98
Vendor: Abit Computer Corp.
Version String: DV
Designed for: Intel 440BX/ZX
Peripheral bus(es): ISA/PCI

Please help as i am trying to set up a shared drive for mu home network.
all help and feedback would be great. Thanks!

06-14-2005, 09:57 PM
You can get the files off abits website. The BIOS update procedure differs from motherboard to motherboard, however the standard way of doing things is to copy the files you downloaded from your mobo's manurfacturers website onto a floppy and then boot from the flopping and follow the onscreen instructions. However if you get incorrect BIOS for your mobo, then you might screw the whole board up.

If you're still unsure then get a computer retailer or someone who knows about this kind of thing to do it for you :)