View Full Version : single quote in GET variable -- help! [solved, please delete!]

06-11-2005, 05:51 AM
Okay, I've searched for over an hour on this forum and others, and I've tried every method I've found to circumvent this, but nothing's worked. Here's the problem.

I'm using PHP to pull information from a database, simple enough. Certain variables are posted using GET for sorting purposes. The problem is that one row value contains an apostrophe: "Mine's". I need to be able to post that to GET, but every time I do--no matter what method I use to try and encode, decode, addslash, stripslash, replace, whatever--it comes up "Mine%27s" and breaks everything. I can't even figure out where this is happening. Is there a method to force an apostrophe into the URL, or is there something else I can do? I'm totally frustrated by this, and I've come to a dead end.

EDIT: So much for dead end. Right after posting this, I decided to search for "apostrophe" instead of "single quote," and almost immediately found what I needed. It's taken some tweaking, but it works now. Could a mod please delete this thread?