View Full Version : ie xmlhttp printing issues

05-27-2005, 01:42 PM
Something came flipped out of the blue earlier.

Essentially it's this:

A page on a website that uses standard javascripting, html, css and xmlhttp that was printing fine in all browsers now crashes/hangs the printing dialogue box and the printing spool when trying to print.

The pages on the rest of the site (that don't use xmlhttp, but otherwise use the same css/javascripting/html) all print fine.

There is no specific media print stylesheet applied to any relevant page.

The problem *only* occurs in IE - i have tested in safari, firefox and opera with success.

Around the same time this problem originated, there was the round of the latest Microsoft updates/patches going onto each individual users machines.

As the pages were working fine, with no problems and have not had any major changes with regards to code (aside from an a few bits of javascript I am tracing back) it would appear the windows updates have caused this problem.

My question is, does anyone know of any problems that are associated with printing (in ie only) of pages that use xmlhttp, conversely if any of the latest windows patches would have an impact on anything that i've previously mentioned.

I am currently trying to find out exactly which patches were installed by the network admins, but was hoping that someone on here might already have come across this problem and addressed it and save me the time researching the impact of each one of the 20 or so patches that would have been installed.

Many thanks for any input.