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05-25-2005, 05:01 PM
Hi - I've been doing my own html for quite a while (4+ yrs) but am not a "programmer" per se.

I have a project I'd like to put together, but am wondering if those of you more experienced may direct me in the right way to go (I don't want to waste time learning something that won't do what I want).

Here's basically what I'd like... can you tell me whether this could/should be done with DHTML, CSS or javascript? (I've looked all over and found tidbits of each, but nothing to *really* do what I want).

First... I want to be able to have banners or text slide in from the left or right in one of two ways:

- on mouseover (a button displays to click, and when the mouse is held over, it expands to a full size banner or table)
- on entry it slides in (this I know can be partially done with those pop up generators that aren't blocked by pop up blockers)

Second... same thing, but like a drop down (banner shows i.e., 728x25 and on mouseover, it expands to 90 or more to show a full size)

Third - here's the real key that I haven't found...
I'd like to be able to not just use images, but actual javascript.

i.e., I have advertisers on my site, and I use an ad system (like google adwords or banner rotator) which creates javascript code for me to display whereever I want on the page... I'd like to be able to *use* this javascript to do these things, rather than "hard code" a specific banner. (The simple reason is tracking/rotation).

Can anyone direct me to which would be best to use... dhtml, css or javascript, and if it can even be done with the javascript inside the code?

I've found dhtml generators, but since they all seem to cover "menus", and css seems to just cover graphics (individual affects).

(And no, I don't want to use flash/swf, but it should work with "most" browsers).

Sorry for sounding like a "newbie" to programming/scripting, but I am to a point. (I can manipulate - but not from scratch) :o

Harry Armadillo
05-25-2005, 11:32 PM
You'll need javascript to do it. Private Message a moderator and ask that this thread be moved to the javascript forum, then post a working sample of the ad-scripts you want to manupulate.