View Full Version : A fling with Xandros

05-24-2005, 06:01 PM
If you are in anyway interested in a windows desktop replacement ....

Xandros3 (http://www.xandros.com/)

Get the open circulation edition which is free and fully functional except that xover office is a 30 day trial.

Out of the box it detected my network and configured the samba shares for me , comes with all the essentials , detected all of my hardware without a hitch.
Mozilla & Thunderbird are included as are open office , & all the basics.

Media playback is fantastic (my biggest gripe with out of the box Fedora) plays avi , mpg , &&windows wmv files ! , cd burning etc a breeze.

You really could give this system to your gran and expect her to be able to use it + as its debian based , with apt-get you can easily convert it to a server or development machine...

worth a look , anyone else tried it ?

05-24-2005, 06:12 PM
I got confused looking at the site. Is this a new linux distro or just a GUI for linux? Their comparison matrix confused me


Surfside Linux? Is that something entirely different than the other things they have listed there? :confused:

05-24-2005, 06:51 PM
While trying most of the distros before i finally (and happily!) installed Fedora Core 3 i too had a fling with Xandros.

Personally i didn't like it - it just doesn't even come close to the big players and does nothing for me.

05-25-2005, 11:03 AM
Is this a new linux distro or just a GUI for linux?
Its a Debian Based Distro with a Gnome frontend , not a clue what the surfside edition is ?

it just doesn't even come close to the big players ... for what ? as a development/server machine I agree (though you can make it so quite easily), as a workstation for those less interested in development it (IMO) is head & tails better than the rest I have tried from an `out of the box` perspective.

I think it needs to be compared against Linspire,Sun Java Desktop, Lycoris,Mandrake etc , thats the target audience as far as I am aware.

More things that (issues I have had with other distros) worked out of the box....
NTFS read/write works
wireless works
audio works
tv capture works
twinhead config works (another complaint for Fedora) + nice to have the taskbar stretch across monitors :D
Having Internet Explorer on the desktop so I could ignore it :D

OK I had to tweak the twinhead cos it got confused at my radeon with DVI & std output .. but that was a matter of moving a cable !

Obviously it is configured and optimized for a workstation type setup but its simply faster in X (with a full featured desktop) than anything else I have tried , gnome is responsive & have yet to kill it.