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05-18-2005, 11:07 PM

Does anyone own an Abit KT7? I picked one up of ebay a while back second hand as my brothers had packed up. Now here's the problem - do you know if the Hercules Ti 500 64MB AGP TV Out DVI Graphics Card has any problems with the KT7?

I posted the same problem a while back - I couldn't get it to boot / nothing on screen etc under this mobo and graphics card. I left it to one side for a while then got bored so decided to have another crack at getting it working.

So, if anyone knows if the Ti 500 has a compatibility issue with the KT7, my problems would be solved by purchasing a new graphics card ;) - if it isn't that, then I've wasted 70 :-/

The ram is fine and I have made sure everything is connected :p


I think it is dead...
The CPU temp display at the front read (without me noticing until like 15 mins after I had turned it on) that the CPU was running at 190degreesFarhenheit - dangeriously hot. I rectified the situation by letting it cool down and then pushing the power lead to the heatsink fan back on as it had slipped off its connection on the motherboard..

still no output or life yet :confused: