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04-29-2005, 01:13 AM
So I've got 2 OS's (win2k and win 98) on my system, and I was wondering if there was any way that I could have the computer just have win2k... Is there a simple way of delleting an OS from the computer? Thanks for all your help. I've been learning loads!!

04-29-2005, 01:22 AM
Yeah.....in windows 2000, delete the boot.ini line which references Windows 98, just keeping the Windows 2000 reference. However, before you do that I'd set win2k to your default OS although it would make it your default OS after you remove the reference to 98. Then after that you can safely delete your windows 98 installation off the disk. I've done it, it worked for me ;)

Only one thing....are the installations on seperate partitions?

04-29-2005, 01:25 AM
EDIT:Weazel beat me to it.

04-29-2005, 01:29 AM
The installations are not on different partitions... Is that going to be a problem? So all I have to do is delete this one file... and then how do I go about deleting win98 from there?

04-29-2005, 03:09 AM
Ok... So I've been able to delete the 98 boot from the boot.ini section... now how/where do i delete the files pertaining to windows 98?? Thanks so far for all your help!

Tayo Odukoya
04-29-2005, 08:59 AM
If the two operating systems are on the same partition, then if it's C:, Windows 2000 files are usually located in C:/Winnt while windows 98 files are usually located in C:/Windows.
A good way to find out, first check to make sure you have both folders in C:. From within Windows 2000, open C: and try and delete either of them. Windows 2000 will not allow you to delete it's own files but will allow you to delete windows 98 files.
Before you do that go to control panel > system > advances and click on the settings button under Startup and Recovery. Make sure you have Microsoft Windows 2000 selected under the default operating system drop down list. If it's not, select it and click ok. Go back and check just to make sure. I tell you, if it's not, you'll not be able to boot your computer.