View Full Version : Setting up IIS 5.1

04-23-2005, 02:27 PM
Hi, currently I have have Windows XP Pro and have just decided to set up IIS for 'mainly' local use.

IIS is currently install and my test script, called freddie.asp (I am boring) works fine.

<% Response.write "This is a generated message from IIS" %>

Currently I can view it by going to: http://localhost/freddie.asp or . If I rename the file index.asp and then type in either http://localhost or I get an authorisation error, if anyone could help there I would be greatful.

However if I go on one of my network pc's ( and try to go to I get the page can not be found. I assume this is because of config problem with my router (netgear db834) or with IIS accepting remote requests. If anyone knows how to set up IIS/Router to allow this kind of thing I would be very happy if you could tell me. Thanks.

04-23-2005, 08:16 PM
After much work I have now set up iis and it is working fine. Sorry to bother you :o