View Full Version : Wierd Ping Problem

04-16-2005, 12:46 PM
Hi. I have several PCs which are connected together in a LAN. One of the PCs (the internet machine) has two network cards. Card #1 is connected to the internet via my broadband modem. Card #2 is connected to the LAN.

My problem is this - I can ping my internet machine from all other machines on the LAN, however my internet machine seems only to be able to ping the broadband modem (i.e. using card #1), but can't ping any of the machines on the LAN - i.e. it doesn't seem to want to use card #2 for outgoing ping, although it is perfectly happy to accept incoming ping on card #2. Incidentally, I turned on the FTP server on the internet machine (just to check that card #2 was working) and I can log into it fine and see the ftproot directory and transfer files, etc, just fine from other machines on the LAN (i.e. via card #2). But still the outgoing ping problem ... I am using Windows XP on the internet machine. Any ideas??

(just for the record, my other machines all use RedHat Linux 9.0 and I never have any problems with *that* operating system!)


04-16-2005, 12:52 PM
hmm....could be that the 2 cards are conflicting somehow. I'd get a ADSL router and connect all the computers to that, as they would be networked and connected to the internet. This would be far less hassle that using ICS on a windows machine:p