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04-14-2005, 07:01 AM

I would like to create an extra button on my java application news ticker. This button is called select and the purpose of this button is that the users can select which kind of news they are see scrolling by.
It must have an all message select option , and then a 1 select message option but it must be able to select mroe then 1 newsstyle aswell:

I was able to create this extra butting with an extra menu id. but then i am stuck
this is some of the code if have already ... i know that the window.open is not correct. Can somebody help me out or show me the way

<menu id="select">
<item onclick="window.open('http://URL')"><![CDATA[<B>All News</B>]]></item>
<item onclick="window.open('http://URL')">Network News</item>
<item onclick="window.open('http://URL')">System News</item>
<item onclick="window.open('http://URL')">Application News</item>
<item onclick="window.open('http://URL')">HR News</item>

<header><![CDATA[Ticker provided by NOC]]></header>
<feed src="http://URL/feed.xml" refresh="20"
root="//channel/item" fields="title,link,pubDate,description">
<![CDATA[<A style="color:#333333" onmouseover="scrollPause=true; this.style.color='#FFFFFF';" onmouseout="scrollPause = false; this.style.color='#333333';" HREF='{link}' TARGET=NEW><B>{title}</B>, {pubDate} - {description}</A>]]>
<separator><![CDATA[<FONT color=#0066AA><B>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;</B></FONT>]]></separator>