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04-12-2005, 10:00 AM
I need to create a dropdown menu when the mouse hovers over an image. I've created the image and I have it in slices. Here is a link to an example of the menu images.

Menu Image (http://www.crystalhotsprings.net/beta/images/banner_top_right.jpg)

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

04-12-2005, 03:21 PM
Fireworks is good at that, if you arent going to be writing the scripts yourself. Otherwise you'd have to learn to write according to your design: do you want a CSS-based menu to drop down? More images with links? etc. etc. The basic strategy would probably be to use 'onmouseover', providing you cut each menu item into its own image. Alternatively you could use a CSS map to make fields on the image itself.

When the mouse is over that area or image (depending on what you implement), you'd then have to either reveal something that was previously hidden (CSS can do that- have the images load, but remain hidden; then upon the onmouseover you could have it become visible) or load a new image/field.

I'd recommend doing some searches online to find out more- maybe 'drop down menus' or 'javascript [drop down] menus'. Or you could wait for someone here who is more familiar with this to give you some examples.

It might also help if you give some specifics on how you intend the drop down to look- ie. more images or just text.

Good luck,

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