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04-09-2005, 08:00 PM
there's something I can't understand :
_ a window A calls an other window B (by PHP) ; I have included some 'drag and drop' between two DIVS in that B window - that's all in javascript .... and that works (apparantly : it's inside a frameset and the results are ok)
_ on the window A there is a button which triggs a window.open for a window C ;
_ I can open the window C as long as I have not done any 'drag an drop' on the window B. If I do this 'drag and drop', when I return on the window A, I can't do the window.open of the C window anylonger, even if I have no javascript error ... nothing happens !

What can I do ? That's for an intranet, all on IE 6 - it should makes the things easier ...

Thank you by advance for any help, any suggestion ...

04-09-2005, 10:04 PM
post your code

04-10-2005, 04:18 PM
Thank you for your proposal ...
Actually I felt very stuck yesterday ... 'couldn't find any track and I've just found my mistake.
It had nothing to do with the drag and drop or even actions on the B window ... finally, even an update and a re-display of the A window did the mistake happened too.

The reason was because of the re_positionning of the curseur dynimacally by the API - made on an unexisting name-field ... I try to make the things as easiest as possible for the user and that makes some java-scripts be generated by PHP.
I do use frameset on every application I do because you can really have a javascript session with resident variables and because you can organize things so that the minimum datas are send / received thru the networks. The only problem is to loose the warning "error" with the yellow icon be displayed with IE - or the "javascript:" window with Netscape ... It looks that it's part of the nature !!!

Have a good day