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04-08-2005, 02:30 AM
Contest Title: DF Button Contest
Deadline Date: May 15, 2005 (05/15/05)
Contest Held At:http://www.dzineforum.com/showthread.php?p=242#post242
1st Place - $50.00 1 years free banner placement on DF
2nd Place - 6 months free banner placement on DF
3rd Place - 1 month free banner placement on DF
Payment Method(s): Paypal (Cash Prize), Banner placement on DF
Description: DF is currently looking for designers to create various buttons that match the current skin on the site.
These Buttons Include:
Last Post (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/lastpost.gif)
New Thread (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/newthread.gif)
Collapse (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/collapse_tcat.gif)
Expand (Matched with Collapse) (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/collapse_tcat_collapsed.gif)
Post Reply (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/reply.gif)
Edit Post (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/edit.gif)
Quote (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/quote.gif)
Quick Reply (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/buttons/quickreply.gif)
ICQ (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/misc/im_icq.gif)
AIM (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/misc/im_aim.gif)
MSN (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/misc/im_msn.gif)
YIM (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/misc/im_yahoo.gif)
Thread (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/statusicon/thread.gif)
Thread Dot (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/statusicon/thread_dot.gif)
Thread Dot New (http://www.dzineforum.com/images/statusicon/thread_dot_new.gif)

Colors: We'd like to get the buttons to match the current skin to the best of your ability. So of course the main colors are Blue, Red, and Silver.

Inspirations/Concepts: There is no real inspiration in the contest besides the skin of the forums.

Public Contact: Please PM me on the forum. Or contact me on any messenger and/or email. cgjackson2001@yahoo.co.uk

Notes: Nothing really more to tell you than please try to get the buttons to match and blend in with the skin. Thanks for those who enter, you will be getting feedback from me, and my co-workers.

04-08-2005, 09:03 AM
Just FYI, contests are different from Work Offers, which is the primary focus of this forum. In fact, it's more of a solicitation. I'll keep this thread open for now, though in general such threads aren't appropriate.