View Full Version : Slitstream or integrate IE6SP1 onto Windows CD

04-04-2005, 05:27 PM

I am trying to update a bunch of old OS CDs by adding their service packs and such.

I am trying to integrate Internet Explorer 6.0 onto Windows 2000 Pro. Does anyone know how to do this? Google isn't giving me very much help.

Thanks for any input you can give me. ;)

04-04-2005, 05:49 PM
It's a longshot, but can't you do it the same way as you do with a service pack? What I mean is follow the same routine with the installer of IE6 as you would do with XP's SP2 or 2k's SP4?

04-04-2005, 06:14 PM
I have tried that method,
-S or /integrate

The executables don't seem to work the same way as the service pack does.
Maybe I am suppose to use the service pack to install the other programs and updates I require?

I used this site to help me as much as possible for IE, but it doesn't tell me the procedure for IE specifically.


This site tells me how to extract the IE files and put them into an update folder, but there are no instructions on how to slipstream the files into my windows cd(folder).

Thanks for the reply, weazel.

04-04-2005, 07:15 PM
Maybe it is not possible to do this on windows 2000.

I was reading through some news groups for help and I came by this article.


I will do some more research but it seems this might be the end.