View Full Version : PHP 5 + XSLT 1-Week Fulltime Contract Vancouver BC

03-24-2005, 04:11 AM
We need extra help immediately to complete an object-oriented PHP 5
XSLT-driven CMS running two backend-identical ecommerce sites which must
go live by March 31 2005.

This is a one week (40 hour) cash contract position, commencing
immediately, for a rate of CAD$30/h. The successful applicant will be
selected IMMEDIATELY (preference to local applicants) and will likely be
retained for future contract work upgrading the client's remaining sites
to the new CMS.


- JavaScript DOM
- CSS stylesheets
- XSL templates
- SVN familiarity (must be able to checkout/apply patches independently:


Due to the emergency nature of this hire, please IM one of the following
contacts if possible:
- perqbot at hotmail on MSN
- perqbot on AIM
- ccnebula at hotmail on MSN
- greyhat420 on AIM
or else email [stoke] at [accounts] dot [pot] dot [tv]. Applicants must
be prepared to demonstrate CSS skills by generating an example
stylesheet prior to commitment.

03-24-2005, 10:44 PM
I can start this project immediately.

I find this project very interesting and would love to work on it.

Please contact me somehow.
Email: Ed@HandGems.com
AIM: HandGems
phone: 609-585-4735


03-25-2005, 08:43 AM

I have worked for some big US company( MIcortrain example),
so i can work for the team!

I have good internet line and i can communicate with you everytime you want!

i can work 40-44 hours/week and maybe more belong to my work

plz check my work( i worked for Microtrain) at:


username: demo
password: demo

that is the big CRM project i worked for Microtrain team!

I have good skill with .NET (VB/C#.NET)/ MSSQL too, you can check !
plz contact with me by
Yahoo chat : devsoftcenter
or AIM: maitriminh

email: minhmaster@devsoftvn.com