View Full Version : Window Parent Blur Problem

03-22-2005, 01:49 AM
I am having a problem with getting the parent window of a called pop-up window to blur once the pop-up window is opened. Here is the scenario:

The originating page is a 2 frame page with a TOC on the left and main content on the right. The pop-up window is called from a link in the left page. The pop-up opens fine, but I want to blur the entire opening page (not just the frame) after the pop-up opens. I have been pulling my hair out with every combination I can think of first trying to blur the window before the code which calls the pop-up and from the pop-up itself once it loads by using the 'onload' method with everything from onload="window.blur(parent)" and every conceivable variation thereof.

If I do not open the pop-up window from a frame, I can get the opener window to blur successfully. It's only when the pop-up is called from a fram that I can not get the entire opener window to blur - leaving on the pop-up window displayed.

Any help from you all would be appreciated!