View Full Version : Help with setting up a stylesheet switcher on a Poll

03-18-2005, 06:32 PM
Well, first off, I really hate asking this question, because I'm basically asking one of you guys to do my work for me.

Anyways, awhile back, a friend was nice enough to help me set up a stylesheet switcher on my page. I know XHTML and CSS, but not PHP. He knows PHP, so he helped me set it up.

Well, I found a thing on the internet called "SME Poll". It was free and I needed a poll on my page, so I decided to use it. Only problem is, I cant get the colors to change along with the stylesheets when they change.

Could anyone help me out with getting the stylesheet switcher to work with the poll?

Here are the files you would need: http://wsource.freefronthost.com/Poll%20Files.zip

Here is the website: http://wsource.freefronthost.com/home.php

If that website doesn't work, you can try www.treazyradioshow.com because we're switching hosts soon.