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03-17-2005, 06:09 AM
I need some help with IFrames. What I'm trying to do it have only the index.html file show, but when you hit a link, the IFrames switch to the link, but the index.html never changes. Do you get me? I've looked a lot, but I can never find a code. I downloaded a template thinking I could figure it out, but no luck. Please post a code or something! ;P

03-17-2005, 06:21 AM
You can view-source my site to see different ways to do that:

Basically, you'll need to name the iFrame, then target your links to that name just as you would for a regular framed page...


03-17-2005, 06:35 AM
Hehe, thanks a lot! This is definatly making my website look a lot better. ;)

03-18-2005, 03:32 AM
Any time... :thumbsup:

And welcome to the CodingForums! :cool: