View Full Version : Internet Explorer Positioning Problem

03-14-2005, 07:02 PM
Like one or two other members here I have a problem with IE and exact positioning.

Netscape, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox - all these browsers work fine however IE seems to ignore all the code subsequently giving me a blank page.

Has anybody got any advice to make absolute positioning work in IE?

Here's the code from the page in question:
<DIV style="position: absolute; top:230px; left:620px; width:200px; height:25px">

<a href="illegals2.html" TARGET="MAIN"><b><font size=4></b></a></DIV>

<IMG STYLE="position:absolute; TOP:-5px; LEFT:290px; WIDTH:400px; HEIGHT:520px" SRC="pictures/illegals/Foto 11.jpg"><tr><td>

Screenshot of what the page should look like: www.lancespring.com/newsite/example.html

Site address: www.lancespring.com/newsite/home.html