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03-13-2005, 06:42 AM
Actually title is misleading as it is not working!
Below is form I made. It is using same functions and addresses as other forms I have that do work on same server:
<TABLE ALIGN="center" BGCOLOR="#F5F5DC" BORDER="2" CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="2" WIDTH="90%"><tr><td width="40%>
<form name="formmail" action="http://www.usabusinesslisting.com/cgi-bin/formmail/formmail.cgi" method="post"><input type=hidden name="recipient" value="support@usabusinesslisting.com,brothergump2@aol.com">

Move my credits from:&nbsp;USA Business Listing to:</td><td>
<SELECT NAME="USA Business Listing to">
<OPTION>ProductOnly SuperSurf</OPTION>
<OPTION>Brother and MeMe\'s</OPTION>
<OPTION>ShoMeThaMoney</OPTION></SELECT>&nbsp;Amount<INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="from USA Business Listing to" VALUE="">
Move my credits from:&nbsp;ProductOnly SuperSurf to:</td><td>

<SELECT NAME="ProductOnly SuperSurf to">
<OPTION>USA Business Listing</OPTION>
<OPTION>Brother and MeMe\'s</OPTION>
Amount<INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="from ProductOnly SuperSurf to" VALUE="">

Move my credits from:&nbsp;Brother and MeMe\'s to:</td><td>
<SELECT NAME="Brother and MeMe\'s to">
<OPTION>ProductOnly SuperSurf</OPTION>
<OPTION>USA Business Listing</OPTION></SELECT>&nbsp;
Amount<INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="from Brother and MeMe\'s to" VALUE="">


Your User name</td><td><INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="user name" VALUE=""></td></tr>
Your password</td><td><INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="password" VALUE=""></td></tr>
Your Real name</td><td><INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="real name" VALUE=""></td></tr>
Your Address</td><td><INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="address" VALUE=""></td></tr>


<INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="Request transfer" VALUE="Request Transfer">


I have deleted the identical option boxes and still get no responce from server in the form of an email or indication that anything is happening.

What in the world am I missing?

Totally confused.or is it just getting late?
Mike Harmon